SAATHII envisions a learning environment, be it K-12, undergraduate, higher and professional education, and vocational training, where students of diverse backgrounds can access education in a safe environment free of discrimination.

Towards this we work along with our community and technical partners to:

i. Compile case studies of individuals whose education experiences were marred by bullying and abuse perpetrated by peers and/or educators, including those who had to drop out because of these. While the focus is bullying and abuse based on SOGIESC, we recognise this may be further vitiated by factors such as disability, class, caste, and language.

ii. Analyse education-related Acts, Policies, Circulars and other documents at state and central level with a queer lens, to identify gaps and scope for making these inclusive.

iii. Advocate for safe and inclusive learning environments and curriculum reform with educators, teachers’ training institutions and boards of education.

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